The Best Vehicle for Archaeological Fieldwork

Some have called it “futuristic” in design; others think it’s “ugly.”  Personally, I think if you tilt your head and look at it just right, it looks like an alligator’s head.

But beauty is only skin deep.


Underneath its controversial exterior, the Pontiac Aztek – “Quite possibly the most versatile vehicle on the planet” – is amazingly suited for archaeological fieldwork, and I’m not the only person who loves this car.

The Anti-lock Braking System:  4-Wheel ABS is vital for traversing over sand – and making those quick stops when another vehicle happens to round a blind corner at the same moment you do.


The Moon Roof is perfect for snuggling up to look at the stars on a chilly field night.

The Ground Clearance is 7.20 inches, which doesn’t seem like a lot but is high enough to wade through a flooded campsite that completely demobilizes any vehicle that’s not a truck.

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The Aztek has great passenger volume (105.10 cubic feet); five people will fit comfortably with seat belts!  And it has awesome cargo volume (45.40 cubic feet)!  The Aztek will fit an incredible amount of luggage, which is important if you are stuck hauling the field gear plus your own equipment to and from the field.  If you’re responsible for a trailer full of equipment, plus artifacts and your own gear, the Aztek has you covered with 2000 pounds of standard towing capacity!


Pics071310 235 a

The rear hatch lifts up and the gate pulls down to reveal two seats and two cupholders.  These pair nicely with the mini-cooler that serves as the center console up front – perfect for storing your emergency drinks and snacks!


It’s perfectly designed for watching a fireworks show at the end of the work week.  Or opting to just snuggle up inside the cargo area for a drive-in movie double feature!


To top it all off, the Aztek has an 18-gallon fuel tank, with a City fuel economy of 18 miles/gallon and a Highway fuel economy of 24 miles/gallon.

Plus, the Aztek came with the option of a camping package add-on with an attachable tent and an inflatable mattress, which turns your car into a camper!  I never added the camping package, but I imagine it would be awesome for fieldwork, especially long survey projects.  Your tent travels with you along the survey route!

Finally, the icing on the cake is that the car’s name is loosely inspired by the 15th-century and early 16th-century Aztec empire, centered in Tenochtitlan in Mesoamerica.


My faithful Aztek accompanied me on four exciting seasons of archaeological fieldwork, proving its worth over 44 weeks of harsh sun, wind, rain, and lots and lots of dirt.  Unfortunately, Pontiac stopped making them in 2005, so make sure you get one before Azteks go the way of the Aztec empire!

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